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Volunteer of the Year Award

Individuals, groups, community organisations, government or local business organisations are invited to nominate a special individual or organisation they believe is worthy of recognition with a 2016 Western Australian Volunteer of the Year Award. Award… Continue reading

Things Are Beginning To Move Along!

Support Given By CGG to Proceed With Plans for Eastbourne Reserve.

SBCG has approval from CGG to continue to develop plans to upgrade Eastbourne Reserve. You can email your ideas & visions for this… Continue reading

Sunset Beach, Geraldton, Western Australia

To help out volunteers around the country Tangaroa Blue Foundation has just released two videos which might be of use to you for this weekend’s WA Beach Clean Up events.

The first one is ‘How to run a beach or… Continue reading

Review of Services to the Community


The City’s financial situation has been impacted by a… Continue reading

Active Citizens’ Awards


The Sunset Beach Community Group Inc was proud… Continue reading

Funding for Coastal Management

Calls for Grant Applications

Information about funding programs available for coastal managers to assist… Continue reading


NACC Allocates Community Coastal Grants

Sunset Beach Community Group Recipient of NACC Grant

Successful in this round of grants was the Coast Care Unit of the Sunset Beach Community Group. SBCG is very pleased to congratulate Phil Wise and… Continue reading


Bosely Street Reserve

The Research and Planning Begins

Public Open SpaceThe Sunset Beach Community Group has begun work on the draft Bosely Street Development Plan. We’re currently conducting some research by seeking out examples of what’s been achieved in similar locations… Continue reading


Learning About Coastal Erosion

Public Information Session

A public information session about coastal erosion was held recently in Geraldton. The session was organised by the Sunset Beach Community Group and the Drummonds Cove Progress Association.

Experts presenting information and… Continue reading

SBCG members at Community Safety DaySafety First

Caring About the Safety of You and Those Around You

Community Safety Day this year, sponsored by the City of Greater Geraldton as part of the Sunshine Festival Season, was a great success.

The Sunset Beach Community Group were there to promote our organisation, encourage new members to join, and generally just enjoy a great day outdoors.

You can learn more about CGG Community Safety Days on the City’s website. Continue reading